The Morning After​.​.​. [EP]

by Tombolo

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The highly anticipated debut EP from Tombolo. Each download of the record comes with a high-quality cover art image and lyric PDF.


released April 5, 2013

Written, performed, and produced by Nicholas J. Whittaker



all rights reserved


Tombolo Miami, Florida

Tombolo (n., pl. -los.) - A sandbar that connects an island to the mainland or to another island.

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Track Name: Separation (from the film "Cody & Einat")
As with this
As with everything
We’re left alone
We’re left alone

This is steep
This is loneliness
I’m leavin’ home
I’m leavin’ home

A picture only does so much
A picture only shows so much

Retreat! I Go!

Yes, you’re sleeping
Eyelids shut, I really
To talk
Christ, every time you touch me, I shrink away
I’m here and gripping your young head, my fingers stray

You are gone
Headlights fade
You are gone
What I made
Track Name: I Can Completely Understand
Aren’t we
Aren’t we
Better now than we once were

Won’t you
Won’t you see
My eyelids are yearning

I don’t have to miss you
Oh god, how could I miss you?
‘Cause you haven’t left you’re still here
But I miss every person,
We knew
And so I miss every person not here

Cherish me
There’s always someone I can be

I can
Understand why you’d leave me

But don’t take me back to New Jersey
I’m afraid they’re gonna bury me there
I swear I could still lift you up
And I swear I could still make you happy
But don’t take me back to New Jersey
Any other hellhole’s not there
I swear I could still fill you up
And I swear I’ll get past 23
Track Name: Miles
The note it starts, I feel alone
Just one part, it’s me, my own
Fists are clenched, welling up
All things against, the tears are naught

We came down here to rest our feet
And now there’s nothing left to be
168th and 80th
All that work amounts to this?

…and now, here we are…

I guess we could have
Done better
…Not me, but you

It seems unfair to leave it all
But what have I done but stumble and fall
The badinage has kept me sane
My zenith passed, there was no pain

…and now, here we are…

All at once my eyes
Grow heavy
Miles, down, me
Miles, throw me

Now I wonder why I took so long
(No, don’t go away!)
Track Name: Yorthe Borne
I would rather you sleep better than me
I would rather you be unlost and me lost
This heat is not the same warmth we used to feel
Hon, we’re getting used to it, there is no frost

I would rather you not be subject to my monster
I would rather you be safe while I run, avoiding thunder
I think that I could fix, well, whatever
B, don’t even look, I’m under you

But now that I am here I am convinced that I am almost fixed

I would rather you be out in a two-piece
I would rather you cherish the strength of a drink
The last thing that New Jersey needs is me
Waste all of these brain cells, no need to think
Track Name: Pain Kill
A ways from you
But what if
Where’d I go, where‘d I go??

Fit it in
I said I tried
But ya know, but ya know

(I don’t have the strength!
You don’t have the bribe)

Hold it, somehow
Wait ‘til I hang up

What happened here?!
Pain kill, pain kill

Harangue is you
And heinous too
So I left, where’d I go?

Is where I went
For a day, maybe two

Hold it, somehow
Wait ‘til I hang up

What happened here?!?!
Pain kill, pain kill

Hold it, somehow
Can’t wait to hang up

Eventually forget me
Pain kill is easy

Older, we are
So strange to see you

It’d be best, forget you
Pain kill is easy
Track Name: While Running
What runs through me
Your hands on my face
When I was still a baby

We’re better than that
Advise me, a machine?
“Enjoy what you had”

The pavement, (RUN RUN RUN) houses cracks
Moments STRIKE LIKE heart attacks
Poor, my, in-sides are twisted and wrapped around
Burden, so I’ll call and have to hunker down

Your Christmas presents
Flouted and wasted
I’m always playing defense

The pavement, (RUN RUN RUN) doesn’t call
Remember, (STRIKE LIKE) above all
What?! My heart pumps blood through me for someone else!
WHAT?! My heart pumps blood through me for someone else.

Why are you always calling?
Did you mistake me for a talker
I might move